Olivia Colman Tells Glenn Close 'This Is Not How I Wanted It To Be' After Beating Her For Best Actress

Seven-time nominee, Close, lost to first-time nominee, Colman, for Colman's performance in 'The Favourite.'

Olivia Colman Wins Best Actress, Tells Glenn Close "This Is Not How I Wanted It To Be"

Olivia Colman won Best Actress for her role in The Favourite during the 91st Academy Awards on Sunday night, but the win wasn't without controversy.

Colman was up against four other women in the category: Yalitza Aparicio for RomaLady Gaga for A Star Is BornMelissa McCarthy for Can You Ever Forgive Me?, and Glenn Close for The Wife. 71-year-old Close, who has been nominated for seven Oscars throughout her career, has never won.

After calling her win "hilarious," Colman seemingly apologized to Close.

"You’ve been my idol for so long," she told the actress from on stage. "This is not how I wanted it to be."


Earlier in the night, some viewers pointed out Close came dressed like the golden statuette itself — a sign she was ready to take the stage.


"I’m feeling good. Just trying to stay calm," the star told ET on the red carpet. "Trying to think about, you know, the sky, the trees, the grass..."

Winning the award would "mean a great deal," she went on. "It’s the highest honor you can get for what we do, and so that, in itself... it’s just a great honor," adding that it would "all be OK" if it didn't turn out the way she hoped.

Screenshots of Close's face after the announcement suggest the actress was just as surprised as Colman.

Let's hope Close has better luck next time.

The 91st Academy Awards took place Sunday, February 24 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California. For the first time since 1989, there was no host. Instead, Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler opened the show and stars took turns presenting awards.

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