'Jane The Virgin's Gina Rodriguez Is Engaged, And I'm Gonna Cry

Just like her on-screen character, the actress is getting her happy ending.

'Jane The Virgin's Gina Rodriguez Is Engaged, And I'm Gonna Cry

It turns out Jane Gloriana Villanueva isn't the only one who's about to walk down the aisle! Gina Rodriguez, who plays the titular character on Jane the Virgin, has recently revealed that she's engaged — and has been for more than a month!

On her birthday (July 30), the actress posted a photo of herself on the beach — with a gorgeous diamond ring on her left hand. She accompanied the post with a Frida Kahlo quote.

"They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn't. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality," the caption read.

Fans assumed the post was confirmation of her engagement to her boyfriend of two years, Joe LoCicero, but she didn't seal the deal until a month later.

"I am [engaged]! He’s the best. He’s the f—— best. We’ve been engaged for like a month — I’ve kept it a secret for a while," Rodriguez told People.

As with her previous relationships, the star wants to keep her engagement lowkey.

"I just want to live! I think there’s a huge blessing in the fact that people care. That’s a beautiful thing, so that feels really good," she shared. "But another part of me wants to keep a little something that’s just mine, ’cause there’s not too many things I have like that anymore."


The actress has always been secretive about the details of her love life. She dated Revenge star Henri Esteve in 2015, and was rumored to have dated Parks and Recreation actor Ben Schwartz in 2016. Both relationships were kept on the down-low. 

Rodriguez's life seems to be in parallel with the life of Jane, her character on Jane the Virgin. As viewers know, Jane has always been careful about her decisions when it comes to matters of the heart, but she's also known to be the world's biggest romantic (thanks to her love for telenovelas, of course). She married Michael (Brett Dier) before his untimely death, but (spoiler alert!) it's now implied she's about to tie the knot with Rafael (Justin Baldoni). Unless Michael actually did come back from the grave, which isn't a reach considering he resurfaced on the season finale. 

Congratulations are in order for both Jane Villanueva and Rodriguez.

'Jane The Virgin's Gina Rodriguez Is Engaged, And I'm Gonna Cry
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We are so happy both of them are getting the happy endings they deserve.

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