'Jersey Shore': Mike Sorrentino Gets Nothing After Losing His 'Fitchuation' Lawsuit


Mike Sorrentino sued clothing giant Abercrombie & Fitch after they released a T-shirt with the phrase "The Fitchuation."
It looks like Mike Sorrentino's, uh, little situation has finally been resolved. Remember, the Jersey Shore reality TV star sued clothing giant Abercrombie & Fitch after the brand started selling T-shirts with the phrase "The Fitchuation," and offered in a press release to pay $10,000 if Sorrentino would not wear A&F clothing on the show.

Well, we now have a court ruling.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sorrentino has lost his lawsuit that alleged that A&F had committed trademark infringement, unfair competition, false advertising, injury to business reputation, and misappropriation of likeness. The Florida federal judge residing the case ruled:

"Although the word 'situation' is not a word that was coined or made up by the plaintiffs, or a word that is obsolete, totally unknown in the language or out of common usage, the Court can discern no relationship between the word 'situation' and the apparel or entertainment services that the plaintiffs provide."

When it came to determining the likeness of the two phrases "The Situation" and "The Fitchuation," Sorrentino was also out of luck. 

"The T-shirt expresses 'The Fitchuation' visually and phonetically different than 'The Situation,'" the judge wrote. "There is no evidence of A&F 'palming off' its T-shirt as that of the plaintiffs where, as here, the T-shirt has the A&F inside label and prominently uses A&F's own famous trademark 'Fitch' as part of the parody." (You can check out the full ruling here.)

Oh well, Sorrentino, better luck next time. At least you can now think of a whole new bevy of catchphrases for your upcoming reality TV show.

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