These Celebrities Are Speaking Out Against Trump's Immigration Policies

Some of our favorite stars aren't okay with the president's 'zero-tolerance' administration.

These Celebrities Are Speaking Out Against Trump's Immigration Policies

If you weren’t happy with Trump before, you definitely aren’t happy now.

Over the last few weeks, we've watched immigrant children separated from their families and detained in prison-like facilities. It's all thanks to the president's "zero-tolerance" policy for illegal border crossings, and it's heart-wrenching, to say the least. There are at least 2,000 children being kept from their parents in "tent cities," and there's no clear plan outlining how or when they’ll be freed. No matter your political stance, it’s hard not to see there’s something wrong with this situation. Staying quiet isn’t an option for the celebs below — everyone from Chrissy Teigen and John Legend to J-Lo and Kumail Nanjiani have spoken out.

Legend and Teigen (Twitter’s favorite power couple) often retweet each other's hilarious antics and what they believe is morally right (JL is currently working on ending money bail, mass incarceration, and juvenile incarceration). As a mother of two, Teigen shares she's angry and sad because, clearly, she can empathize.

An immigrant himself, Chef Jose Andres (originally from Spain) has stated that immigrants are part of America’s DNA, and that more than half of his restaurant staff is made up of people from other countries. He doesn’t miss a chance to talk about immigration — always in a positive light — and often quotes Michelle Obama ("when they go low, we go high") on social media.

Lopez, like Teigen, shares a mother's perspective. The Puerto Rican-American songstress says she "can’t fathom a world" where her kids are taken from her in such an inhumane way.

Pakistani-American comedian Nanjiani thinks it’s important to motivate others to do the right thing. Instead of focusing on the bad, he believes holding on to hope, remaining vocal, and taking action are better options.

Let's hope these influencers will do just that — inspire others to follow their lead and speak out about what's most important.

Let's get on the right side of history and get these kids back to their families. Fast.