You Better Start Saving Because Beyoncé And Jay Z Are Touring Together Again This Summer

The 'On The Run II' tour is officially happening.

You Better Start Saving Because Beyoncé And Jay Z Are Touring Together Again This Summer

Beyoncé and Jay Z are teaming up (again)...

The sequel to the powerhouse couple's 2014 On The Run tour is officially set to come your way this June. This morning, Beyoncé fired away on IG and YouTube with a stunning Bonnie and Clyde-style promo trailer and photos: 

Rumors of a potential tour sequel started churning after Ticketmaster accidentally released the On The Run II tour dates early. Now that the secret is finally out, it didn't take long for fans to gripe about the high ticket prices: 

In actuality, tickets, which go on sale March 19, will range between $34-$222. That doesn't sound too bad, but tickets did average around $340 resale. So better hurry up!

Oh, and here are the tour dates below: 

July 25: Cleveland
July 28: Washington
July 30: Philadelphia
Aug. 2: Rutherford, N.J.
Aug. 5: Boston
Aug. 8: Minneapolis
Aug. 10: Chicago
Aug. 13: Detroit
Aug. 18: Buffalo
Aug. 23: Nashville
Aug. 25: Atlanta
Aug. 29: Orlando
Aug. 31: Miami
Sept. 11: Arlington, Tex.
Sept. 13: New Orleans
Sept. 15: Houston
Sept. 19: Phoenix
Sept. 22: Los Angeles
Sept. 27: San Diego
Sept. 29: Santa Clara, Calif.
Oct. 2: Vancouver, B.C.

The first On The Run tour, which is named after a Jay Z song featuring Beyoncé, went down in 2014. That was the tour fans were introduced to home videos of the couple's intimate wedding and Beyoncé’s pregnancy with Blue Ivy, so there is no telling what can happen this time around.

Also, a lot has changed this time around. For starters, we now know that things between the couple haven't always been peaceful and happy (see: the elevator incident and Bey's Lemonade). Nevertheless, since airing out a lot of their dirty laundry, the two seem to be going strong. They welcomed their twins, Sir and Rumi, last year.

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