Harvey Weinstein Is Still Trying to Deny Rose McGowan's Sexual Assault Allegation

In a new statement, Weinstein calls McGowan's claim of rape 'a bold lie.'

Harvey Weinstein Is Still Trying to Deny Rose McGowan's Sexual Assault Allegation

Months after Harvey Weinstein was exposed for multiple acts of sexual harassment by The New York Times, the producer is adding insult to injury. In a new statement issued by his attorney, Weinstein calls Rose McGowan's allegation of rape against him "a bold lie." McGowan, who is at the forefront of the movement against Weinstein and men like him, was one of the first victims to go public.

According to the statement below from his attorney, Ben Brafman, Weinstein adamantly denies that his sexual encounter with McGowan was nonconsensual.

"As a general matter, Harvey Weinstein and his attorneys have refrained from publicly criticizing any of the women who have made allegations of sexual assault against Mr. Weinstein despite a wealth of evidence that would demonstrate the patent falsity of these claims. Watching the 'performance' by Rose McGowan as she looks to promote her new book however, has made it impossible to remain quiet as she tries to smear Mr. Weinstein with a bold lie that is denied not only by Mr. Weinstein himself, but by at least two witnesses, including Ms. McGowan's own Manager at the time who Ms. McGowan claims to have confided in the day after the alleged assault and an A-list actor Ben Affleck who Ms. McGowan claims to have also told about her encounter with Mr. Weinstein shortly after the incident she now describes as 'rape', but which in 1997 she described to her Manager as a 'consensual' act of sex."

The former Charmed star's new book, Brave, recently became available for purchase.

Weinstein and Brafman also claim two of McGowan's reported confidantes — Jill Messick, her former manager, and actor Ben Affleck — denied they knew she was raped.

After McGowan caught wind of Weinstein's resurgence, she issued a swift and scathing response via Twitter.

"I’m going to step on your fat neck for all time #HarveyWeinstein," she wrote. "I WILL SAY YOUR NAME. It is you whi did this to us. THIEF! And to all of you scoundrels aiding predators you are damned for the hurt you’ve caused. We reject your social lies. Name it. Shame it. Call it out. #CitizenRose"

"Fuck you you fucking douche bag loser from hell," she continued. "You will burn. You will be an empty suit coffin. You go fall off the planet you fuck. #RoseArmy BREATHE FIRE let motherfucker but BRAVE isn’t about you losers in 90210. You are simply examples; A common bacterial strain known as sociopath. And we are done with your lies. #Truth #Valor #Justice WE ARE CITIZENS and we will fight #RoseArmy"

In Brave, McGowan goes into detail about her encounter with Weinstein for the first time. She explains how she was invited to meet with him in '97 only to be directed to his hotel suite where the producer would ultimately rape her in a jacuzzi.

"He moans loudly; through my tears I see his semen floating on top of the bubbles," McGowan writes.

She received a $100,000 settlement after the incident.

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