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25 Celebrity Paranormal Encounters That Will Freak You Out

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22. Anna Nicole Smith had sex with a ghost.
Reality TV pioneer, Anna Nicole Smith was definitely a showstopper, but everyone was shocked when Smith revealed that she he had hooked up with a ghost.

"A ghost would crawl up my leg and have sex with me at an apartment a long time ago in Texas," recalled Smith in an FHM interview. "I used to think it was my boyfriend, and one day I woke up and it wasn’t. It was, like, a spirit and it — woo! [miming a ghost flying from her her bedsheets] — went up! I was freaked out about it, but then I was, like, 'Well, you know what? He’s never hurt me and he just gave me some amazing sex so I have no was not a dream because it was happening every night...I told my boyfriend and he didn’t believe me. Of course….MEN!"