30 Most Beautiful Women In The World, According to Hollywood Buzz

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Hollywood Buzz ran an audience survey to determine the 'most beaufiful women in the world'.  Their list includes Priyanka Chopra, Freida Pinto, Mila Kunis, and Meryem Uzerli.  Who topped the list?  The lovely Angelina Jolie.  Do you agree?  Let us know who you think they missed in the comments.More lovely ladies: Izabel Goulart, Lindsey Ellingson, Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima walk the runway at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.  (Bauer Griffin)more pics »Top Models: Alessandra Ambrosio...Read Full Story

Beyoncé's Grammy Performance Is Not the Most Risqué Thing Your Child Will Ever See

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(Getty) Last night, Beyoncé and Jay Z treated the Grammy audience to a scorching rendition of "Drunk in Love." The awards show opener featured five minutes of skillful leg work, and plenty of sexy gyrating between Yonce and her man. In other words, it was a TMI moment showcasing how this musical couple probably gets down in private. Despite the performance being "tame" in comparison to past Grammy performances, some moms and fans were not impressed:Let's get one thing straight: A performance...Read Full Story

Proof: Taylor Swift Got Crazier Than Miley While Pre-Gaming the Grammys

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After the Twerk of the Century went down at the VMAs in 2013, you might think that Miley Cyrus is always the one to steal the show in a room full of her peers. But that wasn't the case Saturday night at a pre-Grammy gala in L.A. Nope, that honor went to Taylor Swift.Now, let's not get crazy — Taylor Swift does not twerk. But, she does wear short sequined dresses and it looked like her dance moves were on point (or at least she looked really confident doing them) at the Beverly Hilton. Our...Read Full Story

5 Reasons to Get Excited About 'Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged'

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Miley Cyrus is planning to strip down once again — only this time, there's actually something to get excited about. On Monday, MTV announced that the former Hannah Montana star would be bringing the party to "Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged," which airs January 29. She'll come in like a wrecking ball without her usual assortment of drum machines and synthesizers, although chances are she hasn't dropped the little people. But we're still psyched, because...1. She looks like the stripper offspring...Read Full Story

Rihanna's Brazilian Vacation Can Be Summed Up in One Word: Bikinis

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Being in the country famous for popularizing skimpy swimwear must really inspire Rihanna, because a tour through her Brazilian vacation photos on Instagram proves she's all about the bikini, and she wants everyone to know it. There's jungle selfie bikini:Texting bikini:Underwater meditation bikini:Waterfall bikini*:No bikini top bikini:4:20 bikini:Paddleboard bikini:Shopping bikini:Trampoline bikini:Hiking bikini:Yacht bikini:Swim bikini:And wedgie bikini*: (*Yes, we know, technically this...Read Full Story

How Does Shakira's 'Can't Remember to Forget You' Stack Up Against Rihanna's Best Features?

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(Instagram) Rihanna has faced some pretty negative press in the past year, what with her inability to be punctual, her questionable social media behavior and whatever that was with Chris Brown (best believe her publicist is thrilled that's over). But there's one thing that remains indisputable about her career: She's the queen of the guest feature. No one handles a hook like Rih. Not even Beyoncé, who seems to find it physically impossible not to be the star of every show. So when Shakira...Read Full Story

Why Is Lady Gaga Apologizing for 'ARTPOP'?

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(FameFlynet Pictures)Until Sunday evening, Lady Gaga had largely ignored blistering reports on the commercial failure of her third studio album ARTPOP, which was rumored to have caused major layoffs for Interscope Records. To those who've listened to the album, this wasn't particularly surprising, as several of the album's songs directly address the way she's treated by the media and her "haters." But when it came time to explain why the Terry Richardson-directed video for "Do What U Want...Read Full Story

So Who Had the Bigger 2013: Jay Z or Beyoncé?

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(Bauer Griffin)As Beyoncé saucily sings in her D'Angelo-flavored song "Rocket," her husband Jay Z is very much her "equivalent" — no easy feat, considering she practically rules the world right now. Both artists were extremely busy in 2013 with exhaustive tours and platinum selling albums, but one of them emerged a little more successful than the other. Can you guess who?Here's a little breakdown to make it clearer.Round 1: HypeBeyoncé started the year off with a bang blackout, performing...Read Full Story

Nicest Celebrities: Who Are They?

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There are plenty of horror stories out there about celebrities and their massive egos wreaking havoc in every which direction. But a lot of stars are actually really nice people, even if they play total jerks on TV.Wondering which stars are truly nice? You'll probably have to meet them face-to-face to get a good idea, but these special features might help to lead you in the right direction.The 10 Best and 10 Worst Celebrity Tippers Celebs gets all kinds of perks when out on the town, but they...Read Full Story

Casey Johnson Dead

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Getty ImagesCasey Johnson's body was found dead this morning, according to TMZ. The Johnson and Johnson heiress was supposedly engaged to Myspace celebrity Tila Tequila. Johnson, 30, was also the daughter of New York Jets owner Woody Johnson. Casey's body was found dead this morning in LA, according to the report. Johnson had a rough last few months, as she was arrested in November for grand theft.  Her alleged victim was a former girlfriend.Johnson's last tweet on the micro-blogging...Read Full Story