Is There Something Going on Between Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez?

Getty ImagesToday in juicy celeb news: Selena Gomez has been hanging out with Orlando Bloom, Jennifer Aniston reveals another ex-boyfriend, Chris Martin opens up about his split from Gwyneth Paltrow, and more...

Blooming Love?
Now that George Clooney's engaged, anything in Hollywood is possible. So, it's not too far-fetched to think that Selena Gomez is now dating Orlando Bloom, since they were spotted together after Chelsea Handler's show in L.A. Sunday night. The two were hanging out after the show but Bloom scurried off when the paparazzi began snapping pics. Hmm.

And, a month ago, the two stars hung out together at another event. Bloom, 36, put his arm around Gomez, 21 (and Seth Rogen, to be fair) for a picture that she posted on Instagram. An innocent friendship? Perhaps. Something more? We'll wait and see.

For the record, Bloom's ex Miranda Kerr and Gomez's ex Justin Bieber allegedly got cozy after the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. So...fair's fair?

Officially Official
George Clooney's camp won't comment on his "personal matters," but that certainly wasn't the case for Amal Alamuddin's office. Her law firm released a statement congratulating the two, which definitely confirmed the proposal went down. "The barristers and staff of Doughty Street Chambers offer their best wishes and congratulations to Ms. Amal Alamuddin, a member of Chambers, and Mr. George Clooney on their engagement to be married." And there you have it.

More to the Split
It was Chris Martin's turn to talk this time around. The Coldplay frontman sat down with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe for an interview recently and, of course, his breakup with Gwyneth Paltrow came up. Here's what he had to say: "I wouldn't use the word breakdown," he said. "This was more a realization about trying to grow up basically… if you can't open yourself up, you can't appreciate the wonder inside. So you can be with someone very wonderful, but because of your own issues you cannot let that be celebrated in the right way." Of course, he didn't say what his "own issues" are.

Aniston and Schlatter (Everrett Collection)
Before Brad Pitt, there was Ferris Bueller. That's right, Jennifer Aniston had a "brief, torrid" romance with the TV version of Ferris Bueller back in the '90s. She starred as older sister Jeannie Beuller on the short-lived series and dated the lead, Charlie Schlatter, she told GQ. So, yes, she dated her on-screen older brother.

Miley on the Move
Now that Miley's not cooped up in the hospital, she's opening up about what landed her there in the first place. "I was on this medicine for five days and everything was all good and on the sixth day, I just woke up … it was so scary … I had basically been poisoning myself with something I didn’t know I was really scary allergic to and it was so scary … I couldn't breath and my skin -- everything -- was going insane," Cyrus said.

And she said she was miserable and bored while she was getting treated. "I’m laying here hooked to all these machines," she added, "Every two hours, some woman comes in and pokes me with a needle, just miserable … I’m just laying here with nothing to do … My sister went and bought me a bunch of DVDs … Clueless and The Shining … I ended up doing way too much online shopping and whatever they had me one to make me not in pain, I made some very questionable choices on what I bought!" Hopefully she'll wear some of her purchases when she heads back out on her Bangerz tour in a few weeks.

Cute Kid Pic of the Day:
Hilaria and Alec Baldwin's baby has some serious baby blues.

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