Angelina Jolie Thought She'd Be Alone Forever

Getty ImagesToday in juicy celebrity news: Angelina Jolie never thought she'd be a mom or a wife, Simon Cowell's baby looks just like him, Julia Roberts talks about George Clooney's engagement, and more...

Angelina Jolie Talks Marriage and Kids
Getting married and having kids was never really part of Angelina Jolie's plan, she says, which is kind of hard to believe given the fact that she's been married twice, is currently engaged to Brad Pitt, and has six kids. But she told Elle magazine: "I never thought I’d have children. I never thought I’d be in love, I never thought I’d meet the right person. Having come from a broken home—you kind of accept that certain things feel like a fairy tale, and you just don’t look for them."

Luckily, things have worked out pretty darn well for her, especially with Mr. Pitt as her "person."  "You get together and you’re two individuals and you feel inspired by each other, you challenge each other, you complement each other, drive each other beautifully crazy," she said of her relationship with the actor. "After all these years, we have history—and when you have history with somebody, you’re friends in such a very real, deep way that there’s such a comfort, and an ease, and a deep love that comes from having been through quite a lot together.” All together now: Awwwww.

Bruce Willis is a Dad Again!
And now Bruce Willis has FIVE daughters. The actor and wife Emma Heming welcomed their second child together, Evelyn Penn, in L.A. Monday. "Both mother and baby are healthy and doing beautifully," the couple's rep said. Their two-year-old daughter Mabel is "delighted to have a new baby sister," the statement continued. 

The actor also has three daughters with ex-wife Demi Moore.

This is Definitely Simon Cowell's Baby
Doesn't little Eric look just like his daddy? Simon Cowell posted new snapshots of his three-month-old son on Twitter and they're pretty darn adorable. And, in true Cowell fashion, he's not humble about his cute baby.

"Very handsome like his dad," he wrote with this adorable snapshot.

And here's another:

Julia Talks George
Here's all the proof you need to be certain that George Clooney has made the right decision about getting engaged to British lawyer Amal Alamuddin: His best friend Julia Roberts approves. The actress was on Ellen DeGeneres' show this week and said their plans to marry are "sublime."

Roberts hasn't met Alamuddin, but added: "She is beautiful and smart, and he is happy and that's what matters to me."

Matt Bomer Dishes on His Wedding
Much to everyone's surprise, Matt Bomer announced earlier this month that he's been married to Simon Halls for three years. Now, the White Collar actor is talking about the wedding. He told OUT magazine: "It was very chill. Very small – only our nearest and dearest. There's a security, a validity of knowing that it's legal. It's hard to put into words. It's just a feeling I guess – something about saying vows in front of the people around you who love and support you. I think it was good for our family." 

Twins Again for Roger Federer
It's going to be a packed house for tennis star Roger Federer. He and his wife just welcomed their second set of twins. Now the couple's twin daughters, Charlene and Myla, have two little brothers. "Mirka and I are so incredibly happy to share that Leo and Lenny were born this evening #TwinsAgain #Miracle," he wrote.

Cute Kid of the Day:
Alyson Hannigan's daughter Keeva is "showing a toy the view from 30,000 feet."
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