Charles Barkley Dresses Like Girl for New Weight Watchers Ad

By Adam Wenger on
Charles Barkley has had his share of embarrassing moments over the years, most of which revolve around him trying to swing a golf club. But seeing him dressed in drag for a new Weight Watchers ad, we're inclined to say this is the NBA legend's most ridiculous moment yet. Sir Charles is in the NBA Hall of Fame. Even if you were too young to enjoy him when he played, most sports fan love the guy for his hilarious contribution to TNT's Emmy-winning series Inside the NBA. Or maybe you just saw...Read Full Story

Charles Barkley's Golf Swing Videos

By JJ Duncan on
Charles Barkley's golf swing is known to golf fans far and wide for being one of the most awkward swings in golf history. The former NBA player has gone to great lengths to improve his game, but still consistently looks like he's about to fall over every time he takes a swing.The first time you see Charles Barkley's golf swing, you might think it's a joke or a blooper. Like maybe that happened once when he accidentally stepped on his own shoelace, but no way is that real. But that's actually...Read Full Story

Charles Barkley, Spike Lee Are Worried About Tiger Woods

By Deena Bustillo on
Amidst a pretty messy affair scandal, Tiger Woods has apparently changed his cell phone number, and isn't taking calls from even his famous friends, according to Charles Barkley (via CNN). The NBA legend said he was concerned about his golfer pal in an interview he did with Spike Lee that will air on the show With All Due Respect, which airs Sunday. Charles Barkley (Getty) "I think when you have these fires in your life, as I call them, you need to talk to somebody else who is famous who...Read Full Story

Charles Barkley Will Not Return to TV Soon

By Alicia Dennis on
Getty ImagesAn unauthorized source told the AP that former NBA star Charles Barkley won't return to his sportscaster duties anytime soon. Barkley, who was arrested December 31st on suspicion of drunk driving, was found to have a blood alcohol level of .149, well over the legal limit of .08 in Arizona.There is no date set for Barkley's return yet. The president of Turner Sports, David Levy, said: When I spoke with Charles, he was apologetic for the events that transpired and it was obvious he...Read Full Story

Charles Barkley Busted for DUI

By Tatiana Guertin on
Even at 45-years-old, retired NBA star Charles Barkley keeps things interesting. Most people know him as an NBA hall of famer and current basketball commentator, but on New Year's Eve he unleashed a whole new Charles Barkley when he was arrested for driving under the influence.Not only did he let the world know that he still liked to party it up, but through official police reports he let everyone know he wasn't above running a stop sign while intoxicated for a sexual favor.According to The...Read Full Story

Charles Barkley Wants to be Governor of Alabama

By Alicia Dennis on
Retired basketball star and TNT sportscaster Charles Barkley still wants to run for Governor of Alabama.  He first announced his political intentions in February of 2008, and spoke again to reporters at the Democratic National Convention this week.image linked from wordpress.comBarkley, who was born and raised in Alabama, cannot run until 2014 because he has to have lived in the state for seven years to be eligible.  He has homes in Arizona and Pennsylvannia (he played for both the Phoenix...Read Full Story