Charles Rogers, Former Detriot Lions Reciever, Says He Smoked Weed Everyday

Charles Rogers, who apparently was probably high when this picture was taken.
Charles Rogers, former top pick for the Detroit Lions who has since been let go from the team, told ESPN that he smoked marijuanna every day while in the NFL.

Speaking to ESPN, Rogers says he "blew everyday."

From an article at USA Today:
Former Lions receiver Charles Rogers revealed to ESPN that he smoked marijuana every day when he played in the NFL.

"I blew everyday," Rogers told ESPN. "But you know I was doing something wrong ... I was wrong."

Rogers, the second overall pick in 2003 by Detroit who played just three seasons in the league, also said that he was abusing prescription drugs when he was in the NFL.

Former Lions president Matt Millen, now an ESPN analyst, told the network he saw noticeable degradation in Rogers' skills by the time the receiver began his third season.

"He was average," Millen said. "Something clearly was wrong. He looked like a different guy."

Rogers received a 30-day jail sentence earlier this year for failing a court-ordered drug test. Now 28, he said he would like to explore an NFL comeback.

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