Charlie Wilson Dead at 76

Charlie Wilson, the Texas congressman whose work arming the Pakistani resistance to the Soviet Union, has passed away at 76 years old. The politician, who was also the subject of the book and film Charlie Wilson's War, died at a hospital in his home state of cardiopulmonary arrest.

Charlie Wilson has passed away (Getty)
According to, it was wealthy, high-society socialite Joanne Herring who sent Wilson to Pakistan and brought him into her world of glitz and glamour. She considered Pakistan an important player in the quest to stop Soviet expansion and recruited Wilson to help defend the country.

As a result, Wilson said, "It began to dawn on me right then and there that I didn’t know what was going to happen, but with my rage and their courage I knew we were going to kill some Russians."

Wilson focused on Afghanistan, which was being occupied by the Soviets. He began sending weapons to rebels in Afghanistan, and ultimately the Soviet troops left the country.

He was also at the center of a drug investigation when investigators in the justice department tried to find out if he'd done cocaine with two showgirls in a hot tub in Las Vegas in 1980. He said, "The feds spent a million bucks trying to figure out whether, when those fingernails passed under my nose, did I inhale or exhale -- and I ain’t telling."

Wilson had a heart transplant in 2007.