Chelsea: "That's None of Your Business"

Chelsea Clinton showed her “Oh-no-you-di-unt” side yesterday in Indianapolis when a Butler student asked if she thought the Monica Lewinsky scandal hurt her mother’s chance at the Democratic nomination. Watch the video “Chelsea Clinton Bristles at Lewinsky Question” on this page and decide for yourself if you think her answer was appropriate.

Chelsea has intentionally been kept out of the media’s line of fire, presumably to avoid such questions. But if you’re going to shill for mom from campus to campus, you should be able to field these sorts of things with poise and grace, not a terse, playground rejoinder like “That’s none of your business.” You’d think with her pedigree, she’d know better.

When you think about it, it’s a good question and I’d like to hear the answer. Does it hurt Hillary’s chances that she decided to stay with her husband after the affair heard ‘round the world? It’s relevant because many woman who’ve dealt with infidelity in their own lives think Senator Clinton should have left her husband after the elicit details of the Lewinsky scandal became public. I know many people who think she lacks the grit to be president because she stayed with him.

Point is: It’s a fair question.
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