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Chord Overstreet WCRF's "An Unforgettable Evening" - Arrivals
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Chord Overstreet Premiere Of Amazon Prime Video's 'Chasing Happiness' - Red Carpet
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Chord Overstreet Premiere Of Amazon Prime Video's "Chasing Happiness" - Arrivals
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The Most Ridiculous Items on Taylor Swift's Alleged 'List of Demands' for Her Next Boyfriend

By Deena Bustillo on
Getty ImagesFact: Taylor Swift writes songs about her exes. Fiction: She has a "list of demands" for all of her boyfriends going forward. The latest wacky rumor is being reported by Hollywood Life, which claims she's taking a "new approach" to her love life" and has since made a "long list" of criteria for the next guy she dates. It's an "intense" exercise on the road to finding the "perfect guy," according to the site's "source."While it's all fine and good to have standards when dating...Read Full Story

'Glee' Recap: My Kind of Town

By Tara Gelsomino on
Blaine is so glad he gave Sam that Flowbee for graduation! (FOX)Glee is dead! Long live Glee! Or at least, the show as we knew it is no more. They really did close up shop last week at McKinley, and from now on, it's I'll Take Manhattan all the time. Blaine, Sam and Artie are the lucky Hunger Game victors McKinley alums who have joined Rachel and Kurt (Santana's on vacation) in the City, ready to take a good-sized chomp out of the Big Apple .What Now? A diva's been born, y'all. Despite her...Read Full Story

'Glee' Recap: More than a Feeling

By Tara Gelsomino on
(Fox)In a shockingly cohesive hour, we follow the McKinley gang to Los Angeles for...wait for it...NATIONALS! Finally. There's a lot of deja vu, guest stars, and name dropping, and in a touching and unexpected twist, it's as much of a tribute to Finn as the actual tribute episode was. Even better, actually. In fact, it's so affecting, I'm abandoning my usual cynicism for a straight-up Gleecap this week. As the kids gear up for the big competition, nerves abound. Schue calls upon Sam to step...Read Full Story

WATCH: Chord Overstreet Dedicates a Song to Cory Monteith

By Jill Slattery on
Cory Monteith and Chord Overstreet (Flynet)Dianna Agron, Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison and many others have offered up their fond rememberances of Glee co-star Cory Monteith since the actor's untimely death last weekend in Vancouver/Now, Chord Overstreet is giving Monteith his own musical tribute. The Glee star performed at The Roxy in Los Angeles over the weekend, where he sang an original ballad that he introduced with a simple, “This is for you, Cory.”It's a little hard to hear the exact...Read Full Story

'Glee': Listen to a New Song from the Season Finale

By Lani Conway on
(Fox)When New Directions take Regionals in the season finale of Glee, it's sure to be a very memorable occasional along with all the other side stories that are currently going down: The great Ryder "Catfish" mystery, Rachel's auditions, Blaine's potential surprise proposal, etc. But let's not forget about the music. Rolling Stone has provided an exclusive first listen to a season finale moment — New Directions' cover of Icona Pop's "I Love It," which, if you didn't know, is the biggest song...Read Full Story