Chris Brown's Previously Unreleased 'I'm Still' Verse Is the Grossest Thing You Will Hear This Week

Chris Brown Performs on the 'Today' Show
Chris Brown performs on NBC's 'Today' at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. (Pacific Coast News)more pics »Chris Brown is a funny guy. He loves to consider himself a messenger of peace, love, and positivity, and talk about how much he's changed since the violent incident that forever besmirched his name, but then he goes and tweets about pooping in people's eyes and compares himself to Jesus and stuff. He's totally exhausting. And he's a total misogynist.

Take, for example, the previously unreleased rap verse he recorded for DJ Khaled's "I'm Still." It's hard to pick a favorite verse when there are so many charming lines to choose from:

  •  "N***as mad 'cause you're f**king with them regular hos, and there ain't nothing better than my Asian." (Brown has been dating half-Vietnamese "model" Karrueche Tran on-and-off for a few years.)

  •  "I'm gonna f**k your baby mama she gonna take d**k."

  •  "Now every n***a in the industry done f**ked my b**ch, and all my n***as said 'I told ya.'" (This is almost definitely about Rihanna, and it's a recycled rap.)

  •  "Who the f**k your b**ch is cooking dinner for? ... And then I'm gonna pass her to my homies they gonna bang bang run a train, yeah n***a cause she been a ho."

It's a world of UGHHHHH. But if you really need to hear it for yourself, see the video below.

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