R. Kelly Thinks Chris Brown Is Kind of Like Jesus

(Getty Images)Earlier this year, Chris Brown proved himself a master of delusion when, after a series of particularly damning incidents, he posted a picture of one of his paintings to Instagram, writing "Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!"

It wouldn't have been a big deal were it not for the fact that Brown had painted a hilariously buff Jesus on the cross:

Now, nearly a year later, Brown can take solace in the fact that R. Kelly gets where he's coming from.

"I only feel sorry for weak people," R. Kelly recently told the Guardian. “And mostly what I've come to find is that the weak people are the ones that are the haters. The ones that's talking about Chris Brown, or R. Kelly, or anybody that's successful? I feel sorry for them, not Chris Brown, because he's obviously one strong individual to be able to do what he's done."

"He got knocked down a little bit and he climbed up. You know, that sounds like Ali to me. That sounds like Martin Luther King to me," Kelly continued. "That sounds like a lot of the greats that have walked this earth. It even sounds a little bit like Jesus to me.”

Don't worry — R. Kelly doesn't actually think Chris Brown is Jesus: "I'm not saying that Chris Brown is Jesus or R Kelly is Jesus. But Jesus is the No 1 inspirer of someone being knocked down and rising again."

Yeah. So, if you've ever wondered where Brown got his sense of grandeur, why not revisit some of his mom's most memorable tweets?

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