Kanye West's 'Famous' Music Video Is Trash, Not Art

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When did demeaning women and trivializing sexual abuse become art?Read Full Story

6 Stars Who Distracted Us From Their Music in 2013

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(Getty Images)Contrary to the old adage, there is such a thing as bad publicity — at least when you're an artist who hopes to be respected on the merit of your work. These stars should have kept that in mind in 2013.6. Miley CyrusNo one had more press in 2013 than Miley Cyrus, who expertly tuned her tongue and tush into an International Event with her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. But publicity stunts don't necessarily a long and fruitful career make: Most of the discussions...Read Full Story

R. Kelly Thinks Chris Brown Is Kind of Like Jesus

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(Getty Images)Earlier this year, Chris Brown proved himself a master of delusion when, after a series of particularly damning incidents, he posted a picture of one of his paintings to Instagram, writing "Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!"It wouldn't have been a big deal were it not for the fact that Brown had painted a hilariously buff Jesus on the cross:Now, nearly a year later, Brown can take solace in the fact that R. Kelly gets where he's coming from."I only feel sorry...Read Full Story

Chris Brown Released from Jail, But His Troubles Might Not Be Over

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Getty ImagesChris Brown spent his very first day in jail Sunday after allegedly getting into a messy brawl in Washington D.C. at 4:30am, but now he's a free man. TMZ reports the rapper was let go without bail after assault charges were reduced from felony to misdemeanor. Brown pleaded not guilty. The whole thing went down outside Brown's D.C. hotel, when the victim alleges he was just trying to take a photo with the star and things turned ugly. Brown instead says the dude was trying to get...Read Full Story

This Is the Longest Chris Brown Has Been in Jail, Ever

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(Getty Images) Chris Brown's fans have taken to Twitter to demand his release from jail following his arrest early Sunday morning in Washington, D.C., but according to MTV News, the singer remains behind bars.Brown has been accused of throwing a punch that broke a man's nose outside a hotel, supposedly after the man and his buddy photobombed Brown and a pair of ladies (sources close to Brown claim that the brawl started after two men attempted to board Brown's tour bus). According to Brown's...Read Full Story

Chris Brown's Previously Unreleased 'I'm Still' Verse Is the Grossest Thing You Will Hear This Week

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Chris Brown is a funny guy. He loves to consider himself a messenger of peace, love, and positivity, and talk about how much he's changed since the violent incident that forever besmirched his name, but then he goes and tweets about pooping in people's eyes and compares himself to Jesus and stuff. He's totally exhausting. And he's a total misogynist.Take, for example, the previously unreleased rap verse he recorded for DJ Khaled's "I'm Still." It's hard to pick a favorite verse when there are...Read Full Story

Chris Brown Calls Perez Hilton and Wendy Williams '2 Buff Chicks'

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(Getty Images)It's really laughably easy to get a reaction out of Chris Brown — especially if you're famous. On Tuesday, it was talk show host Wendy Williams and blogger Perez Hilton who ended up in Brown's crosshairs, as Hilton appeared on Williams' show to discuss Brown's recent admission that he'd lost his virginity at age 8.Hilton didn't actually say anything all that offensive about Brown... except, maybe, that he has a disease. "His disease is he has half a brain," Hilton joked. "I don...Read Full Story

5 Things We Learned from Chris Brown's Latest Provocative Interview

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Getty ImagesWhether it's on Twitter or in an interview, Chris Brown always has a lot to say. The singer opened up about losing his virginity, his tattoos, and his life goals in a recent interview with the UK publication The Guardian. Here are the highlights:1. He Lost His Virginity at 8The girl was 14 or 15 he says. “It’s different in the country,” Brown explained, referring to his childhood in Virginia. And he was ready at that age because of all the porn he watched with his cousins...Read Full Story

Are Chris Brown and Drake Collaborating in the Studio?

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(TheChrisBrownChannel)My, how quickly things change.Just last week, word broke that Chris Brown and Drake had been spotted hugging it out backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival at Las Vegas. Now, Drake appears in Brown's new promotional video, leaving fans wondering if perhaps the two are planning to make sweet, sweet music together.Brown posted a link to the video to Facebook on Wednesday with the caption, "Hangin with Drake in the studio." In the brief moment Drake is shown on screen...Read Full Story

Chris Brown and Drake Are Supposedly Friends Now

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(Getty Images)Now that neither Chris Brown nor Drake is romantically involved with Rihanna (or so they say), there is apparently room for reconcilliation. Though the R&B singers have traded barbs in both interviews and songs over the past year, a spy at the iHeartRadio Music Festival told Page Six that they appear to be on good terms these days. Don't Miss: Drake Rescues His Lingerie-Clad Girlfriend in His New Music Video The Whiniest Things Chris Brown Has Said Apparently Drake...Read Full Story