Nicki Minaj And Other Pop Stars Who've Given Live Lap Dances on Stage

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(Getty Images)In a move that surely inspired some complaint letters to the FCC, Nicki Minaj treated her Young Money boss Lil Wayne to a lap dance during their performance of "High School" at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. Considering it was hardly Ms. Minaj's first time — these lap dances have been a staple of her live show for a couple of years — it's surprising it came off so very awkward. Yeah... this was the reaction she got from Weezy:But other performers have managed to incorporate...Read Full Story

Chris Brown's 'They Don't Know' Features Aaliyah, Is Bound to Piss Off Drake

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(Getty Images)Chris Brown's decision to release a single that features previously unheard vocals from the late Aaliyah would have been bold no matter what, but it's particularly interesting given who else is dabbling with Aaliyah's unreleased tracks: Brown's nemesis Drake.Last week, Brown confirmed that he's planning to release the single "They Don't Know," and has already shot a video for it in Los Angeles. It's a considerably more low-key clip than Brown's known for, apparently featuring...Read Full Story

Chris Brown Is Basically Smack-Talking Rihanna on Twitter Now

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Just a few months ago, controversial performer Chris Brown vowed to stop using his Twitter and Instagram accounts to address personal matters, explaining that he needed to keep his focus on his music. But now that he and Rihanna are apparently on the outs again, he's not above a barely subliminal public diss.She's not mine if she's everybody else's.— Chris Brown(@chrisbrown) May 10, 2013 Sure, Brown doesn't refer to his ex by her name, but it's pretty clear who he's talking about. Just last...Read Full Story

Has The Onion Gone Too Far With Its Article About Chris Brown Wanting to Beat Rihanna to Death?

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(Getty Images)This week, The Onion is under fire for its most recent jab at controversial singer Chris Brown, an article titled, "Heartbroken Chris Brown Always Thought Rihanna Was the Woman He'd Beat to Death."The satirical piece, apparently inspired by the singers' most recent breakup, includes faux-quotes from Brown like, “It’s hard knowing that there’s some other guy out there who gets to beat her senseless," and "Despite all the ups and downs, I was so sure Rihanna was the one I’d take...Read Full Story

Chris Brown's Take on the Rihanna Breakup Is So Very Chris Brown

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(Photo: Getty Images)As we've demonstrated before, Chris Brown's idea of romance leaves a lot to be desired — and we're not even talking about that infamous domestic assault charge. He's not afraid to embrace misogyny, whether he's aware of it or not. Even when's he thinks he's being sweet, he comes off rather dick-ish and selfish, like when he was asked about his recent re-breakup with Rihanna while visiting a radio show in Australia. "Imma do it solo," Brown said. "I mean, at the end of the...Read Full Story

The Day in Celebrity Twitter Pics — April 30, 2013

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Ever wonder what the rich and famous do while you're stuck behind your desk at a day job? Well, look no further than their TwitPics and Instagrams. Here's the latest from the land of celebrity social media.Ashley Benson soaked up some rays on vacation.As did Kendall Jenner.Mariah Carey went back to the studio.Paris Hilton was big in the selfie game.Rihanna seemed to be moving on from Chris Brown. Selena Gomez had a sexy video shoot.Amanda Bynes shaved half her head and hit the gym. Standard...Read Full Story

Chris Brown Wants to Do a Country Album Someday, Maybe

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(Getty Images)Chris Brown might have some difficulty finding acceptance in the country music community, but that doesn't mean he's not going to take a stab at it, someday. In a recent interview with Power 98, the R&B singer explained that he's above genres — and that's why he might try his luck with the CMT crowd in the future."Music is for everyone," Brown insisted. "When you put genres on music, you segregate it. I want to always be able to do any kind of music I want. When I get older I...Read Full Story

Drake Confirms He Had a Fling with Rihanna

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Getty ImagesDrake and Rihanna were rumored to be an item way back in 2009 and again last year, but, until now, there hadn't been any official confirmation about anything romantic between them.Drake spilled the news about his hookup with the singer while dissing her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Chris Brown. He said of Brown in an interview with East Village Radio Friday: “His insecurities are the fact that I make better music than him, that I’m more popping than him, and that at one point in...Read Full Story

Chris Brown: Frank Ocean Played the 'Sympathy Role' to Win Awards

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(Getty Images)Just last week, Chris Brown insisted that the bad blood between him and Frank Ocean was "blown out of proportion" and that he has "respect" for the singer's music. But in an interview with Angie Martinez, Brown painted a different picture, alleging that Ocean used their brawl outside a Los Angeles recording studio to drum up "sympathy" for awards season.Wait, what?"There's a lot of strategies people try to use when they're up for awards. You know? It's the sympathy role," Brown...Read Full Story

Watch Chris Brown Dance Fight Dressed Like a Newsie in the New 'Fine China' Music Video

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(VEVO)Chris Brown's new music video for "Fine China" is a real brain-bender. The singer plays some kind of Newsie super hero who drives a ridiculous spaceship car, wears gold bow ties ( is totes jealous), and fights off Chinese gangsters with his dance moves. Someone's been watching too many Triad films.Read Full Story