Rihanna and Chris Brown Are Still Very Much Together

By Deena Bustillo on
Getty ImagesThere was mass confusion Friday about whether or not Chris Brown was still dating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Well, now the dust has settled and turns out the the whole thing was a giant misunderstanding. Bottom line: They're still together.Now here's the whole story. An L.A. radio station tweeted this Friday: "Are you still w/Rihanna? @Chris Brown: 'Uh, no-that's the short answer," which clearly led everyone to think Breezy and his lady were dunzo, for the millionth time. But...Read Full Story

Chris Brown Talks Rihanna Assault: 'I Was Arrogant'

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(Getty Images)In the past, Chris Brown has handled questions about his violent history with Rihanna less than gracefully (Good Morning America, anyone?). But in a Tuesday interview with Ryan Seacrest, the R&B singer seemed surprisingly willing to admit to character flaws, explaining that he was indeed as arrogant and hotheaded as his detractors said he was when the infamous altercation went down.Asked how he felt about people who didn't listen to his music based on his previous actions, Brown...Read Full Story

Chris Brown Wants Everyone to Know He Still Hates Drake

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(Getty Images)On Wednesday evening, Chris Brown made sure the crowd at Hollywood's Emerson Theater knew that he and Drake still haven't kissed and made up for their epic club brawl in New York City last summer.According to E! News, Brown requested the mic from the DJ just as he'd started playing Drake's new single "Started from the Bottom." Brown demanded the DJ turn the song off, and yelled at the crowd, "The DJ can play this s**t, but I want you all to know, f**k Drake!" He also reportedly...Read Full Story

Chris Brown Makes a Cameo in Sabrina Antoinette's New Video

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The PR email that accompanied Sabrina Antoinette's new "I Know You're Out There" music video boasts of a moment in which Chris Brown "gets cozy" with Texas native Antoinette, who happens to be signed to Chris Brown Entertainment. That moment only lasts a few seconds, however, and it happens about four and a half minutes into a five minute video, so don't let that be the only reason you watch it.Read Full Story

Rihanna Explains What Her Gun Tattoo Signifies

By Darrick Thomas on
(Photo: Pacific Coast News | inset: Elle)It's likely Rihanna won't ever forget Grammy weekend of 2009 for obvious reasons relating to Chris Brown and his anger management issues that resulted this bit of savagery. Even though she's forgiven Brown, she'll forever have a reminder of that night thanks to the tattoo to commemorate the fallout.Shortly after the assault, Rihanna had a gun inked on the right side of her torso, and in a new interview with Elle U.K., the singer explains her motivation...Read Full Story

Rihanna Calls Relationship With Chris Brown 'Unbreakable,' Says She Wants a Kid

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Rihanna covers the upcoming issue of Elle UK (via Entertainmentwise), and naturally, much of the accompanying interview is dedicated to exploring the singer's relationship with the ever-controversial Chris Brown.Apparently Rihanna's relationship with Chris is not nearly as tumultuous as you might think. Despite tabloid reports of constant discord, Rihanna believes their relationship is a "great friendship that's unbreakable.""Now that we're adults we can do this right," she told the magazine...Read Full Story

Chris Brown Is Rapping Again [VIDEO]

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Diddy got an interesting birthday present from Chris Brown earlier this week, when he debuted a new rap song at Bad Boy Records mogul's birthday party at Hollywood's Supperclub. It includes charming and inspired lines like "If you f**kin' for your rent, you a lame ho."Read Full Story

Chris Brown Talks About His 'Deepest Regret' and Rihanna's Forgiveness

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(Photo: Getty Images)Whether you're anti-Chris Brown (because domestic abuse makes you sick) or pro-Chris Brown (because you buy the redemption story and love his music), there seems to be no stopping his rekindled romance with Rihanna, the woman he savagely assaulted in 2009.At least now, Brown is man enough to address what he calls his "greatest regret" after years of a having what seemed like a blasé attitude about the incident.Brown spoke with the U.K.'s Mirror magazine candidly about...Read Full Story

Elton John and Chris Brown Are Pals, Apparently

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(Getty Images)Today in baffling celebrity friendships, there's this picture of Elton John and Chris Brown. Huh. Brown, who recently celebrated Rihanna's 25th birthday with the singer in Hawaii, slipped into his fanciest leopard print jacket to attend the 21st annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscars viewing party in West Hollywood alongside Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Steven Tyler, Kim Kardashian, and a bevy of other superstars.There's no word on how he reacted to Seth MacFarlane's off-color...Read Full Story

Did Seth MacFarlane Go Too Far With His Chris Brown/Rihanna Joke?

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(Getty Images)Seth MacFarlane surprised us all this evening with his opening skit, as his first relative clunker of the night was not a fart or poop joke, but a dig at the entertainment industry's most controversial couple: Chris Brown and Rihanna.While discussing the evening's Best Picture nominees, MacFarlane quipped of Quentin Tarantino's notoriously violent Django Unchained, "Django is a movie where a woman is subjected to violence, or as we call it, a Chris Brown and Rihanna date movie...Read Full Story