Rihanna Says Her Relationship With Chris Brown Is Different Now

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This week, Chris Brown is in the headlines, once again, for getting into a violent altercation with someone famous in Los Angeles. But Rihanna, his on-and-off love and former victim, says that he's changed a lot since his 2009 attack on her โ€” in their relationship, anyway.Rolling Stone released its first snippet of Rihanna's upcoming cover interview, and naturally, it's all about the most controversial figure in the singer's life: Chris Brown. The singer explains why she chose to rekindle the...Read Full Story

Chris Brown Melodramatically Deletes His Instagram Account

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(Fame Flynet)On Monday, Chris Brown took narcissism to unfathomable new heights when he Instagrammed a painting of Jesus on the cross, writing, "Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!" By Tuesday, the painting had disappeared, along with the rest of his Instagram account. Did Jesus have a problem with accepting criticism?Brown, who posted under the charming handle "f**kyopictures," clarified his reasons for deleting the stream just in what he probably believed was one of his...Read Full Story

Chris Brown Feels Just Like Jesus on the Cross, You Guys

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(Fame Flynet and Instagram)In yet another maddening display of delusion, Chris Brown let his fans known Monday that these days, he's feeling a lot like Jesus Christ. Not during that stage when he was turning water into wine and stuff, but when the Romans nailed him to a cross and killed him. Holy narcissism. "Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!" Brown wrote of his latest work, a cartoonish depiction of the Crucifixion. Let it be known that Brown's Jesus has black hair...Read Full Story

Frank Ocean Says Chris Brown Attacked Him Over a Parking Spot

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(PacificCoastNews)The bad blood between Frank Ocean and Chris Brown bubbled over into a physical altercation on Sunday evening, when the singers and their respective entourages came to blows outside Westlake Studio in Los Angeles. It does not appear that anyone was seriously injured in the melee, thankfully, and it's unlikely that anyone involved is going to press charges.TMZ first reported the brawl, clearly drawing their info from someone in Brown's camp. The source claimed that Ocean had...Read Full Story

Quit with the Rihanna Pregnancy Rumors, OK?

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(PacificCoastNews)Rihanna is not exactly renowned for her decision-making skills, but it's time to give her a little credit. The Barbados-born pop star has faced pregnancy rumors on the regular over the past several months thanks to her renewed relationship with ex-flame Chris Brown, who last weekend fanned the speculative flames with an ill-timed Instagram joke. On Saturday, Brown posted a photo of himself reacting to a Maury Povich "You are the father" schtick to Instagram with the...Read Full Story

The Rihanna/Chris Brown/Karrueche Tran Love Triangle Is Still a Thing

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(Fame FlyNet | Getty Images)We figured after Rihanna and Chris Brown got the brunt of their coy Instagram oversharing done with, their "are they or aren't they?" relationship would get boring. But these two remain a highly dramatic pair, and recent items on Rihanna's Twitter feed indicate they've got a long way to go to reach happily ever after.Neither Rihanna or Brown has even confirmed their relationship, but it's not hard for bystanders to read between the lines when Rihanna posts shots of...Read Full Story

Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After Misogynistic Rant

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Team Breezy can no longer look to Chris Brown's Twitter for their daily inspirational platitude, as the controversial pop star has deleted his account for the umpteenth time following a misogynistic spat with comedian Jenny Johnson. Essentially, Chris Brown is still Chris Brown.The barbed exchange kicked off when Johnson, a former television producer, made a joke at Brown's expense: Brown then did his best to prove Johnson right, retweeting her joke and adding, "take them teeth out when u...Read Full Story

Rihanna Tweets Picture of Chris Brown in Bed, Still Won't Admit They're Dating

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First Rihanna reportedly spent Turkey Day with Chris Brown in Germany, then she went ahead and tweeted a picture of him shirtless in bed for all of her 26 million Twitter followers to see this weekend. But, guys, they're not officially back together, okay?Rihanna must have just wanted to prove how much her not-boyfriend loves the Simpsons by posting a picture of him face-down, shirtless, on the cartoon-themed bedspread. She captioned the picture: "#BartObsessed." Oh, and in case you're not...Read Full Story

That Rihanna and Chris Brown Song Is On the Internet Now

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(Getty)Some celebrities have this annoying habit of complaining constantly about the public intrusion that comes with the spotlight, somehow not noticing that they were the ones who welcomed camera crews into their lives in the first place. Rihanna's new collaboration with Chris Brown, "Nobody's Business," perfectly exemplifies that kind of behavior. It's hard to take someone's lyrical pleas for privacy very seriously when that person is dropping allusions to her private life in her music...Read Full Story

Chris Brown Sports a Turban and a Machine Gun on Halloween

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(Bauer Griffin) Chris Brown must be on a mission to shock and offend everyone who already finds his existence offensive. Though the singer has complained several times about how the world owes him forgiveness, his actions imply he doesn't care about forgiveness in the first place. He must not care what anyone thinks to have chosen to dress up like this for Halloween, anyway:Brown posted the picture of himself and his friends dressed in stereotypical Middle Eastern garb โ€” turbans, fake beards...Read Full Story