Rihanna Offers Chris Brown Emotional Support On His Court Date

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty and FameFlynet Pictures)Chris Brown has abandoned his bright silver Sisqo 'do this week in favor of a more natural look, presumably because he didn't want to look ridiculous for his court date in California on Monday. The controversial pop performer appeared extremely nervous, nodding constantly as he sat before Los Angeles Superior Court judge Patricia Schnegg, who ordered an audit of his community service hours a few months ago.Brown, who in 2009 pleaded guilty to felony assault for...Read Full Story

Watch Rihanna and Chris Brown Kiss at the VMAs

By Deena Bustillo on
The MTV Video Music Awards were full of surprises: Amber Rose's pregnancy announcement, Rebel Wilson's pube shirt, and Rihanna and Chris Brown's kiss. Yes, kiss.Thanks to the "VIP Seating Cam," there's footage of Rihanna greeting Brown before the show. When Rihanna got close, her ex stood up and she smooched him on the cheek. Then they hugged. Then she walked back and sat next to Katy Perry, where she may or may not have bad-mouthed Drake when he won.This was the first physical contact these...Read Full Story

Rihanna Says She'll Always Love Chris Brown

By Alicia Dennis on
Though she's been understandably guarded about her personal life in the past, Rihanna laid everything out on the table in her lengthy interview for Oprah's Next Chapter, which aired Sunday evening. The 24-year-old performer even admitted that she still loves her abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, although she did not confirm tabloid reports that the two are still seeing each other in secret."We love each other and we probably always will, and that's not anything that we're going to try to...Read Full Story

Rihanna Rips 'Esquire' Interviewer for Barrage of Chris Brown Questions

By Darrick Thomas on
Typically a naked Rihanna on the cover is all a magazine needs to sell copies, but for the latest issue of Esquire UK, it's what's beyond the cover that has people talking. Three years after Chris Brown and Rihanna parted ways following his infamous domestic assault, it's safe to say Rihanna is tired of discussing their relationship and tumultuous breakup. Esquire's Johnny Davis probably knows this, but that didn't stop his relentless prying.  Rihanna kept her cool when Davis first brought up...Read Full Story

Are Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna Dating?

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While everyone was obsessing over whether or not Rihanna was really back with Chris Brown, the singer was apparently able to sneak under the radar with a new man. So who's the lucky guy? Well, it's none other than Ashton Kutcher, so we hear.Earlier this week, Rihanna was seen arriving at Kutcher's pad around midnight. She only reappeared at about 4a.m., according to trusty spies set up to stand guard. And by "trusty spies" we mean the paparazzi. British tabloid The Sun, which isn't the most...Read Full Story

CM Punk Fights Chris Brown Via Video

By Adam Wenger on
Though he hasn't stepped in the ring -- yet -- Chris Brown and WWE star CM Punk have already began their duel, via the interwebs. After firing off shots at each other on Twitter, CM Punk took things to the next level today when he released a video attacking the pop singer. In it, he calls Brown a "sad, cowardly little boy." "I don't have an assistant, I have no need for a PR team to tell me what to tweet and when to delete tweets." And later:  "I don't hit women. Period. You don't hit women...Read Full Story

Chris Brown and His History of Twitter Tantrums

By Alicia Dennis on
(Bauer Griffin) For an anger management grad, Chris Brown exhibits shockingly poor impulse control. In the three years since he attacked his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in a rented Lamborghini on the eve of the Grammy Awards, he's spent more time whining about his persecution than he has making amends.On Tuesday, apparently unable to deal with the criticism volleyed his way after the 2012 Grammy Awards, the controversial R&B singer spewed arrogant indignation all over Twitter: strange how we...Read Full Story

Latest Chris Brown Pictures, New 'Strip' Video

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Chris Brown was seen out with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran last night at Club Eden. The two left in Mr. Brown's ride, and it looked like someone wasn't too happy with their beau. Brown was behind the wheel while his gal made a sour face in the passenger seat, or maybe that's just her "I'm checking my phone" face.Well, if she was in fact a bit miffed, maybe it's because her man gets awfully close to a lot of awfully naked women in his new music video. The video for "Strip" dropped today, and...Read Full Story

Chris Brown Continues His Image Rehab, Gives Fan Reward Tickets

By Darrick Thomas on
(Photo By Getty Images) Chris Brown knows what first comes to mind when people hear his name, and since that terrible night more than two years ago, he's been trying to make us forget. Unfortunately, it seems like with each step Brown makes forward, he takes two steps back.There was the half-hearted apology that lacked both sincerity and personal accountability, followed by an overly defensive declaration of "I'm done apologizing." His "remorse" record (Graffiti, 2009) came off like...Read Full Story

Chris Brown Gets $22,000 Rolex Back After Chucking It into the VMAs Audience

By Alicia Dennis on
Despite all his complaints about haters out to get him, Chris Brown is a lucky dude.The divisive performer chucked his $22,000 Rolex watch into the MTV Video Music Awards audience on Sunday after it came loose, hoping it would land in a safe place. Despite Jay-Z's obvious disapproval, the universe appears to be on Brown's side: A fan returned the diamond-encrusted timepiece to the performer's bodyguard. Brown's rep told TMZ, "Although Chris did not get to meet the fan, he is very appreciative...Read Full Story