5 Reasons Why JoJo Is the Absolute Worst at Being 'The Bachelorette'

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Chris Harrison Really Hates 'Bachelor' Parody 'UnREAL'

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Facepalm Alert: This Is How People React When 'The Bachelorette' Is Bumped for Hilary Clinton

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(ABC)If you want a barometer for how a reality TV audience feels about news, politics, or current events, just take away their Bachelorette. This time of year, Monday evening's on ABC are traditionally reserved for a marital competition involving 20+ men and one woman, but last night the network lent the timeslot to an in-depth interview with Hilary Clinton, the country's former Secretary of State and potential president come 2017. Bachelorette fans were not pleased. Some were outraged at the...Read Full Story

'The Bachelor' Season Finale Recap: How Badly Did Juan Pablo Screw Up?

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(ABC)It feels like only yesterday it was Juanuary and The Bachelor was just beginning. Oh how the time passes! We were so innocent then. We did not yet know that Juan Pablo would end up being a super jerk the likes of which The Bachelor hasn’t seen before — at least not as the bachelor. The contestants are another story. But now, we’ve seen it all. We’ve made it through two women’s surprise departures, the possible ocean sex with Clare, and many, many besitos. Tonight was The Bachelor finale...Read Full Story

'The Bachelor' Recap: Top Moments From The Women Tell All

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(ABC)Considering how crazy this entire season has been, The Bachelor’s The Women Tell All episode was very tame. I think the problem is that all of these women generally get along with each other and were well-liked by viewers. I mean, on last season’s Bachelorette, contestants were booed. (Also, I gladly welcomed Juan Pablo's extra time to talk. How times have changed!) That’s what should happen! The women did all have similar opinions — negatively skewing ones — about Juan Pablo, so at...Read Full Story

'The Bachelor' Recap: Fantasy Suite Gone Wrong

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(ABC)Hey America, were you shocked? Chris Harrison said tonight's fantasy suite episode would "shock America" and I've gotta say, Chris Harrison wasn't kidding around. The episode wasn't shocking because a woman got upset at Juan Pablo, it was shocking because of all of the crazy pants stuff he said in response... and just throughout the episode as a whole. JP and the remaining three ladies headed to St. Lucia this week. Here's what happened. Date with ClareTo kick off the episode, Clare...Read Full Story

'The Bachelor' Recap: Hometown Dates!

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(ABC) There are two new Bachelor episodes this week — the hometown dates and the fantasy suite dates. One of these episodes includes the crazy event that will "shock America," to use Chris Harrison's words. One of them is the hometown dates. Tonight was the latter, or the episode where you get a sense of how in love with Juan Pablo everyone is so that tomorrow you'll feel bad when one of them inevitably gets screwed over. Get ready to feel the love while there's still time!Nikki - Kansas City...Read Full Story

'The Bachelor' Recap: Team Sharleen!

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(ABC)On tonight’s Bachelor Juan Pablo and the ladies made their way to Juan Pablo’s hometown of Miami. We found out the results of Sharleen’s big decision, Nikki and Clare got in a fight, and everyone started talking about next week’s “hometowns.” Man, this season is going by fast. One-on-One Date #1 Sharleen gets this week’s first one-on-one date because Juan Pablo has seemingly liked her the best since the very first episode. This is unfortunate for him because Sharleen has constantly, and...Read Full Story

'The Bachelor' Recap: Someone Heads Home Early

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(ABC)The Bachelor headed to New Zealand this week, which meant that the opening of this episode looked like the beginning of Kanye West’s "Bound 2" video. Tonight, someone got sent home early, the Clare ocean swimming issue continued, and Juan Pablo was possibly drunk the entire time. One-on-One Date #1Andi gets the first one-on-one date this week and is excited because she’s the only woman left who hasn’t had a one-on-one yet. This is also the sole reason that she gets the one-on-one so...Read Full Story

'The Bachelor' Recap: Really, Juan Pablo? Really?!

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(ABC)The ladies and gent of The Bachelor made their way to Vietnam this week and Juan Pablo brought us a lot of “What the heck are you doing!?” moments most of which involved Clare. Juan Pablo also went back on last week’s goal of kissing less women by kissing nearly everyone. Well, except for No Screen Time Danielle. Still no love for her. One-on-One Date #1The first one-on-one date goes to Renee. Juan Pablo takes her to a local tailor to get fitted for a custom made dress and they explore...Read Full Story