Loki and Thor Are Just a Couple of Everyday Bros, Okay?

Chris Hemsworth posted a new pic of the duo working on 'Thor: Ragnarok.'

Loki and Thor Are Just a Couple of Everyday Bros, Okay?
via Chris Hemsworth's Twitter

With filming currently underway in Australia, we're starting to see glimpses of Thor: Ragnarok, and the best so far isn't concept art or costume pieces, it's a quiet portrait of a couple of Asgardian bros just chillin' out — it's, uh, low key, you know? Low key?

Chris Hemsworth tweeted the new photo, showing him and Tom Hiddleston lounging out next to a newsstand with headlines behind them that declare "Villain Loki Spotted" and asking "Has Thor Returned?" The picture makes us hope that somewhere in a future Blu-ray release we'll get to see footage of incognito Thor and Loki just hanging out and bickering over things like drinking straight out of the orange juice container.

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