Perks of Being a Supermodel #1,752: Skittle Showers

We already know supermodels have it made. They're gorgeous, get paid exorbitant amounts of money to stand, pout, and walk, get to travel all over the world, have the coolest clothes, hair, and makeup — the list good fortune goes on and on and on. As if all that wasn't enough to be jealous of, we have footage from Chrissy Teigen's latest photo shoot in which she's treated to an avalanche of Skittles.

So not only did Teigen win the genetic lottery, but she also got to bathe in candy like the Scrooge McDuck of sugar? No fair. While us normals are stuck at our 9-to-5s, she'll be tasting the rainbow for days, free of charge no less. Sigh.
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