Batman Arrested on Assault Charges

Holy assault Batman!

Although details are still fuzzy surrounding actor Christian Bale 's arrest Tuesday on allegations that the star assaulted his mother and sister, one thing is for sure, this bad press couldn't have come at a worse time.

British media has reported that the 35-year-old actor was voluntarily escorted to a London police station, where he was arrested in conjunction with the allegations. He was released on bail with no charges filed against him.

According to Britain's newspaper, The Sun, Bale's mother, Jenny, 61, and sister, Sharon, 40, reported the incident Monday. Allegedly the actor, who was staying at the Dorchester Hotel in London, lashed out at the women Sunday evening while they visited him.

There's still no information on whether or not Bale physically harmed his family members, or what the argument was about.

Bale is reported to have cooperated fully with the investigation and questioning. He was asked to return to police in September after further inquiry into the situation.

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