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Christie Brinkley & Sailor Lee Brinkley - Celebrity Moms And Daughters
Celebrity Moms And Daughters
Model Christie Brinkley's daughter's Sailor can definitely keep up with her mom's model behavior. more »
Christie Brinkley - 25 Timeless Celebs Over 50
25 Timeless Celebs Over 50
Birthday:  February 2, 1954 Brinkley's secret to staying young? "Smile. It instantly lifts the face and it just... more »
On the Brink - Star Pics: July 25, 2015
Star Pics: July 25, 2015
Christie Brinkley attends the Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Special Screening hosted by Alec Baldwin. more »
Christie Brinkley was married to Peter Cook - Christie Brinkley Dating History
Christie Brinkley Dating History
1996 - 2008 Brinkley and Cook met first in 1979, when Brinkley was a young model. They were reintroduced in 1996, and... more »
Christie Brinkley  - Age-Defying Moms
Age-Defying Moms
On the verge of 60, former swimsuit model Christie Brinkley could easily pass for 30. She's been divorced 4 times and... more »
Christie Brinkley - Supermodel Moms
Supermodel Moms
Back when Christie Brinkely was at the top of the modeling world, she graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated... more »
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