Cliff Lee Quote

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The season is over for Cliff Lee.  It's time to pack it up, head home, and sleep it off.But everyone is already asking him what's next. Here's how Lee answered the press about his next career move."I like this team. It's a very fun team to play on," Lee explained. "I expect this team to do some really good things next year. I don't know if I'm going to be a part of it or not. To be honest with you, I would love to be, but so many things can happen. You never know."Do you think Lee will be a...Read Full Story

Cliff Lee's Golden Arm and Glove Destroys the Yankees [VIDEO]

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Man, it's good to be Cliff Lee right now. The Philadelphia Phillies ace from Benton, Arkansas has had a stellar post-season, including an amazing shutout of the Twins, but last night's performance against the New York Yankees puts him into the pantheon of baseball greats. Lee nonchalantly dispatched one of the best lineups in baseball, striking out ten and walking none, and even put on a bit of show for the kids, fielding a pop-up like he was playing Little League and snatching a line...Read Full Story

Phillies' Cliff Lee Pitches All 9 Innings, Shuts Down Twins

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Starting pitcher Cliff Lee didn't need a closer in the final innings as the Philadelphia Phillies reminded the Colorado Rockies why they're World Series champions. He finished the game himself, wrapping up all 9 innings in an impressive 113 pitches where only 1 run was earned on 6 hits. Cliff Lee was undeterred by winds that delayed the game several times and sent the flag poles swaying. As a recent acquisition, Lee proved himself valuable to his new Philadelphia teammates. He was picked...Read Full Story