Cliff Lee's Golden Arm and Glove Destroys the Yankees [VIDEO]

Man, it's good to be Cliff Lee right now. The Philadelphia Phillies ace from Benton, Arkansas has had a stellar post-season, including an amazing shutout of the Twins, but last night's performance against the New York Yankees puts him into the pantheon of baseball greats.

Cliff Lee: pretty good at pitching. (Getty Images)
Lee nonchalantly dispatched one of the best lineups in baseball, striking out ten and walking none, and even put on a bit of show for the kids, fielding a pop-up like he was playing Little League and snatching a line drive down -- behind his back.

All in all, it was an impressive outing for Lee, who pitched a complete game. It also puts into doubt the validity of the NL Cy Young award, which will likely go to SF Giants hurler Tim Lincecum. After last night's outing, we don't think we're the only one who'll be raising an eyebrow if the Kid takes it.

You can see a video of Lee's behind-the-back catch below:
And check out his earlier catch, which is already being dubbed the "Who Cares Catch."
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