Mom dutifully helps daughter assault classmate

By JJ Duncan on
Parenthood is a tough road, fraught with difficult situations.One day you might be explaining the finer points of the birds-and-the-bees to your young daughter. The next, you might be -- I don't know -- maybe holding down a 13-year-old girl so your daughter can beat her with a stick! News 4 Jacksonville reports that exemplary mother Cheri Webb gave her daughter a stick and held classmate Johneishia Ervin's arms behind her back while she encouraged her daughter to wail on the young victim...Read Full Story

Band of Rogue Georgia Third Graders Try to Take Out Teacher

By John Newlin on
File this one in the “Holy Crap” folder of "Close Calls." A group of nine boys and girls in the Central Elementary third grade class in Waycross, Georgia were foiled when a fellow pupil told a teacher that a young girl had brought a weapon to school. That weapon was a steak knife and that girl was 9 years old. The plan sounds sophisticated on a creepy level, considering most are struggling with multiplication tables in the third grade, not premeditated murder. Because of their age, specific...Read Full Story