Mom dutifully helps daughter assault classmate

Parenthood is a tough road, fraught with difficult situations.

One day you might be explaining the finer points of the birds-and-the-bees to your young daughter. The next, you might be -- I don't know -- maybe holding down a 13-year-old girl so your daughter can beat her with a stick!

News 4 Jacksonville reports that exemplary mother Cheri Webb gave her daughter a stick and held classmate Johneishia Ervin's arms behind her back while she encouraged her daughter to wail on the young victim.

Ervin's mother says "...she can't be giving her child sticks to be beatin' anybody with because that's wrong."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

See the video here. And look for my favorite part: the "unidentfied man" at Webb's home who shoves a camera person. That's class. It would be funny if you didn't know a teenage girl had to grow up in that environment.

Cheri Webb's mugshot, courtesy the Jacksonville Sheriff's Offic

Cheri Webb's mugshot, courtesy the Jacksonville Sheriff's Department.