Band of Rogue Georgia Third Graders Try to Take Out Teacher

File this one in the “Holy Crap” folder of "Close Calls." A group of nine boys and girls in the Central Elementary third grade class in Waycross, Georgia were foiled when a fellow pupil told a teacher that a young girl had brought a weapon to school.
That weapon was a steak knife and that girl was 9 years old. The plan sounds sophisticated on a creepy level, considering most are struggling with multiplication tables in the third grade, not premeditated murder.

Because of their age, specific details of the case remain undisclosed but law officials said that each student involved was given a specific task.

One was to cover the windows, another to knock the teacher unconscious with a crystal paperweight, another was to duct tape her hands and another student was going to stab her with a broken steak knife (pictured). Police also confiscated metal handcuffs, electrical and transparent tape and ribbon.

The students, who weren’t considered dangerous before, were reacting to being scolded by the teacher.  
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