Bigfoot Pictures Give First Look at Body

By JJ Duncan on
These pictures were originally posted on The site has been down for most of the day. The same is true of These pictures reveal the alleged Bigfoot corpse found in Georgia.A press conference will be held Friday in Palo Alto, California to reveal new evidence of Bigfoot's existence.Read Full Story

Mystery Animals: Monsters or Just Terrifying Creatures?

By John Newlin on
Every time we discover a new species of animal, our planet suddenly seems so much larger. Giant squids wash ashore every now and then begging the question: What else is down there? Also: Who would win in a fight, the Montauk Monster or the Chupacabra? Here are a list of crazy animal monster things to look for in your neighborhood and under your bed. The Montauk Monster Weird thing that washed up on the beach in Montauk, New York. Its body disappeared. But the real question is: Where's its...Read Full Story

Is the Montauk Monster the Chupacabra?

By Alicia Dennis on
After the dessicating corpse of what's now known as the "Montauk Monster " washed up on the shores of Long Island, some people wondered if this creature was perhaps the first physical evidence of the legendary Chupacabra, a creature said to suck the blood out of goats.  My vote is no.1.  There aren't too many goats in Montauk. Unless you count some of the cabronas hanging in the Hamptons.2.  The Chupacabra is totally Latina.  First sighted in Puerto Rico in 1995, with later reports of...Read Full Story