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Cuba Gooding Jr. Danny Jelaca Salon & Spa Christmas Party 2021 At Bass Museum
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Cuba Gooding Jr. Picture Cuba Gooding Jr. Picture
Cuba Gooding Jr. InList App Presents "Wanderlust - Around The World" Curated By Artist Miguel Paredes & Headliner DJ Roger Sanchez At The National Hotel, South Beach
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Not One Actor From 'American Horror Story: Roanoke' Was Nominated for an Emmy in 2017

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This is the first full cast snub in the show's seven season history.Read Full Story

Jennifer Garner Plays Strange Game of 'Truth or Dare' with Cuba Gooding Jr. on 'Fallon'

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This might be Fallon's weirdest game yet.Read Full Story

Stacy Keibler is the World's Cutest Pregnant Woman

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Getty ImagesToday in juicy celebrity news: Stacy Keibler is still rocking cut-out dresses while pregnant, Charlie Sheen now has something in common with Johnny Depp, Cuba Gooding Jr. is back on the market after two decades, and more...Maternity MasterStacy Keibler is never one to disappoint in the wardrobe department, but she went and blew everyone out of the water this week when her growing baby bump made its debut on the red carpet. The stunning blonde rocked a sexy cutout maternity dress...Read Full Story

New 'Machete Kills' Trailer Reveals More Bilingual Action

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(Photo from Open Road Films)Director Robert Rodriguez continues to cater to his Grindhouse fans with his latest grimey movie, Machete Kills. The sequel to Rodriguez's Machete brings back badass Danny Trejo as the title character who trying to stop a billionaire arms dealer who plans to start a global war. The long and star-studded cast list includes Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen (who goes by Carlos Estevez in this one), and Sofia Vergara — with her trusty machine gun bra. Who else is looking...Read Full Story

'Red Tails' Trailer (Video)

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An all-star ensemble cast is set to pay tribute to the Tuskegee airmen of World War II in the upcoming film Red Tails. Cuba Gooding Jr., Terence Howard, Method Man, and Bryan Cranston lead the wartime flick, due out January 20th.The film follow a group of black pilots who have been segregated from the other airmen and kept mostly on the ground during WWII; however, as the war in Europe continues to take its toll on the Allies, the military finds itself turing to the African American squadron...Read Full Story