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The Year in Seriously Cute Animals

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I have yet to hear someone say, "I hate cute animals." After all, saying you hate innocent, cuddly and adorable animals is like saying babies are evil or love is an illusion. In short, everyone loves cute animals and to recognize this fact we've taken a look back at animal photos from 2008 and collected photos so cute, they'll make you sick. In general, water voles aren't exactly the cutest of animals, but there's something about this guy that just screams, "Love me!" Maybe it's the fact that...Read Full Story

Homeless Baby Flying Foxes Rescued in Australia

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They may not be as cute as baby pandas or pygmy hippos, but you have to admit, when you wrap them up in blankets these baby flying foxes are pretty darn adorable. Of course, once you realize that "flying fox" is just a cute name for a species that comprises some of the world's largest bats, the cuteness sort of wares off. Still, you have to feel bad for them, this particular group of flying foxes is currently homeless and motherless.Wildcare Australia is caring for the animals at a...Read Full Story

Tiny Animals are Definitely Cute

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The argument could easily made that tiny animals are way cuter than normal or larger sized animals. Whether the animal is smaller because it's young, or it's actually a tiny animal, it's probably way cuter than any larger animal. Of course this is only true in some instances. While baby elephants are cuter than full grown elephants, a seriously ugly lizard is never cuter than anything. But, when it comes to cute animals, the tinier the better. Don't believe me? Take a look at some of these...Read Full Story

Seriously Cute Baby Polar Bear

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There's a seriously cute baby polar bear at the Stuttgart Zoo in Germany and his name is Wilbaer. How come the Germans get all the cute animals, honestly? Check out more photos of Wilbaer: (Getty Images)more pics Wilbaer, the four-month old polar bear cub playing during the first day of his public appearance at the Wilhemina on April 16, 2008 in Stuttgart, (Getty Images)more pics »For more cute animal photos click here. To read more about cute animals, click here.Read Full Story