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Dani Deahl 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards - Nominee Reception
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Interview with DJ Sensation, Dani Deahl

By John Newlin on
Chicago-based DJ Dani Deahl is living the dream. She gets paid to do what she loves. Doesn't get any better than that. We caught up with her to see if she was as interesting and creative as her music. Also: You are required by law to watch her "Poppin' Bottles" video at the bottom of this page. It's the dope.What's one thing you can't do without?Coffee. I'm not a morning person (I can't say that with enough emphasis) and coffee helps put me on an even keel. When I was in high school I worked...Read Full Story

Chicago DJ Dani Deahl's New Video is the Goodness

By John Newlin on
Check it out:Read Full Story