One of Rock's Most Notorious Feuds Has Come to an End: Courtney Love and Dave Grohl Hug It Out

(Getty Images)The crowd at Brooklyn's Barclays Center was not entirely kind to Courtney Love at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, where Nirvana was honored almost exactly 20 years after the death of frontman Kurt Cobain. Love, a controversial figure among Nirvana fans, was met with a surprising number of boos when she approached the podium to address the crowd. But the rude reception probably hurt a little less in light of what else happened on that stage: Love ended her long-running feud with Dave Grohl.

Love called the people onstage her "family," addressing Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic as her "brother" and giving both him and Grohl hugs. 

(Getty Images) For those unfamiliar with Nirvana mythology, this is a pretty big deal.

Grohl and Love have hated each other openly for over two decades. In Lynn Hirschberg's controversial 1992 Vanity Fair profile on Kurt Cobain, Love is quoted as saying that the band members hated her: "Everyone just f**king hates my guts." After Cobain's death, it was rumored that Grohl wrote the Foo Fighters hit "I'll Stick Around" about Love. It includes lines like "How could it be / I'm the only one who sees / your rehearsed insanity."

As recently as 2012, Courtney was still pulling punches. She infuriated her daughter Frances Bean (who wasn't present at last night's ceremony due to "illness") by tweeting that she'd heard Grohl had been hitting on her: "I hear from frannies roommate that @davegrohl hit on frances, and that she was curious, I’m not mad at her, him I am about to shoot, dead."

It will be fascinating to see if this truce lasts, and whether it might possibly lead to a next-level collaboration.

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