Break Out Your Chicken Dance Because ‘Arrested Development’ Is Returning for Season 5

By Areeba Abid on
The Bluths are back in action, baby!Read Full Story

'Arrested Development' Video: Tobias Fünke's Acting Sizzle Reel

By Jill Slattery on
Tobias Fünke wants Ron Howard to insert him anywhere. David Cross' eccentric Arrested Development character may be the world's first analrapist, but everyone knows he's always wanted to be an actor. That's why Tobias has put together a hilarious acting sizzle reel that shows him playing everything from a doctor to a leather daddy to a cowboy (so basically, every member from The Village People). The video urges director Ron Howard to feel free to "insert me anywhere" and ends with a website...Read Full Story

David Cross Snorted Coke '40 Feet' From Obama at White House Correspondents Dinner

By Olivia on
Getty ImagesDisclaimer: David Cross is a comedian (and one who's known for pushing the envelope) so this may all be just part of his act. Or maybe it's true. Cross did stand-up at the Warner Theatre in Washington earlier this week, where he claimed to have snorted cocaine "super close" to President Barack Obama. According to, Cross said, "So I got to go because my girlfriend is a fancy Hollywood actress and she got an invitation to go this last time, so we went." His...Read Full Story