Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico to Be Burned

By Jake on
The Coast Guard announced today they plan to conduct a controlled burn, in order to combat an enormous oil slick off the Gulf of Mexico. The spill is the result of the Deepwater Horizon well, which has crated an oil slick about 600 miles in circumference. The Coast Guard plans to use ships to create a fire-proof corrall, which will be hauled out further to ocean. It will then be set ablaze, hopefully protecting coastal lands from further damage. Eleven workers from the sunken well are...Read Full Story

Oil Rig Sinks: Pictures of the Deepwater Horizon Explosion

By JJ Duncan on
When an oil rig sinks, the total damage is almost impossible to estimate. The equipment scattered along the ocean floor, the oil spilled into the ocean, and the human toll of the incident all create a tragic situation. On Tuesday, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, about 52 miles off the coast of Louisiana, exploded before sinking into the ocean on Thursday in water estimated to be about 5,000 feet deep. The fire from the initial explosion was so powerful that the smoke it created could be...Read Full Story