Denard Span Hits Mom with Foul Ball

By JJ Duncan on
Denard Span's mom undoubtedly loves her Major League son, but sometimes love hurts -- especially when it comes the way of a foul ball. When Denard struck a foul ball Wednesday it made a bee line straight for the stands behind third base... right where his mother was sitting. Wanda Span was struck in the chest by the wayward ball and Denard immediately dropped his bat and rushed over to make sure she was OK. After the commotion he went back to the plate and struck out on the next pitch. He...Read Full Story

Denard Span is Hopeful the Twins Will Make the Playoffs

By Deena Bustillo on
Denard Span says even though his team the Minnesota Twins would be the underdog in a playoff situation, they're ready to bring it on. The outfielder told about the possibility of facing the Yankees in a playoff game tomorrow (if they pull off a win against the Detroit Tigers tonight): "We plan on trying to shock the world if we go. We know it would be a hostile environment, but we would try to at least take one out of two." Span was was the 20th pick in the 2002 draft and...Read Full Story