'Twisted' Recap: Rico Maybe Sort Of Betrays Everyone?

(the air crackles with boredom and sometimes - rarely - tension) 

This week on Twisted, Danny, Danny’s hair, Jo, and Lacey are meeting up in their onetime childhood fort to theorize about the bribe Lacey found sent to Regina, and then to bicker, because Jo and Lacey — halfway through the season — have had no breakthroughs in their friendship. Yawn. Boo. Hiss. This upsets Danny. That said, his hair seems unfazed and remains glorious.

Back at home, he’s rocking an up-do and all business. He confronts his mother about the missing necklace he had hidden. Karen steps away from the groceries she “brought in from the car” to have a serious conversation with Danny — and thank god. Everyday tasks do not suit Denise Richards. It would have been more plausible to break away from a bear baiting she had scheduled for her amusement. Danny explains his logic for holding on to the necklace — he was going to use it prove his innocence, in a plan that made no sense. His mom is suspicious, and we can’t blame her. Boy is mad shady, son.

(Sheriff dad. You are the worst.)

Four minutes and no Rico. I was jonesing! But thank god, he shows up and Jo confronts Rico about him avoiding her since Fall Fest. He awkwardly avoids professing his undying love for Jo AND that he witnessed Karen getting rid of the necklace. This is good because it creates tensions and leaves more opportunity for Rico to realize his passionate love for me. Rico slyly checks in about Jo’s feelings for Danny. He claims she wants to mate with Danny (delightful), Jo denies it but DUH she wants to mate with him.

Meanwhile the two best looking people on the show are having a spat about whether or not to go to Connecticut to find out who mailed Regina that cash. But it’s not really about that — it’s about Lacey feeling guilty for smooching him. Danny suggests they drive together to Connecticut in a bid for more smooching with espionage. Jo interrupts them, the glorious third wheel that she is, and three, as the episode’s title suggest, makes a crowd. Nobody’s parents are psyched about this outing and, really, who can blame them?

(A Rico experiencing conflict is still a Rico I want to cuddle)

Jo’s dad runs around trying to find her and conning poor Rico into sending texts to her, and then trying to bully Rico into giving up the information he’s clearly got about the necklace. Uncool. Meanwhile, Karen and Jo’s mom hang out, talking smack about their relations and making vases like a platonic awkward version of Ghost. Then the moms get high on "the weed." Then it slips out that Jo’s mom was fooling around with Vikram while he and Karen were together. This is why moms shouldn’t get baked.

(moms who joke together, toke together — or something?)

Meanwhile, Lacey and Jo’s constant whiny fighting leaves Danny with no other choice than to give them a friendtervention. Why he cares so much is beyond my comprehension. Then they can’t get into the apartment building to discover who sent Regina the money, tensions boil over and the girls b*tch at each other for stuff we already knew: Lacey pushed Jo away, Jo took it very personally. It was all sort of Danny’s fault. The girls huff off in opposite directions and Danny’s all “Hoes, man.” Ha ha, not really, but wouldn’t that have been great? Instead he apologizes to Jo. Then the apartment building’s security guard scares them off.


While the girls reconvene to sort-of make nice, Danny is sneaking into the apartment — and promptly getting caught by yet again. Meanwhile, in the lobby computer-savvy Jo makes a discovery: The apartment in question BELONGS TO DANNY’S DAD DAD VIKRAM. I like where this show is going so, so, so much. It has the potential to be awesome. But it can’t keep handing out crumbs of awesome in between seas of boring punctuated by the odd smooch or Rico. Anyway, the girls don’t tell Danny what they’ve discovered, and Rico goes back and tells Jo’s dad that he saw Karen getting rid of the necklace.

What do you think about the season so far? Should we bring back the Danny Desai Hair Moment of the Week Award and the Extra of the Week Award? Are you team Do or team Dacey? THESE ARE PORTMANTEAUS I HAVE JUST MADE UP. Hit the comments with your thoughts!