Derek Hough Blames Himself for Cheryl Cole's Illness

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Dancing with the Stars pro Derek Hough is rumored to be dating British pop star Cheryl Cole, but the relationship is off to a traumatic start. Hough has been spending most of his free time with the singer since she was hospitalized with a strain of malaria.

He is quoted as saying by the website Mail Online: "I blame myself for all of this. I convinced Cheryl to come on holiday with me to Tanzania. We might have gone somewhere else if it had been up to her.

Cheryl Cole (Getty Images)
"I've been worried sick about her in hospital. When I'm not by her side I'm praying for her."

The pair took a short break in the African country last month before her work on The X Factor went into full gear.

Yesterday her spokesperson confirmed the 27-year-old Girls Aloud star was getting better, but would not be undertaking any public activities for the foreseeable future.

Writing on twitter, Supersonic PR said: "Cheryl Cole is making good progress but following medical advice she will not be able to take part in X Factor's boot camp stage or perform at V."

Cheryl has been removed from the intensive care unit at London's University College Hospital to be treated in a private clinic, but is still said to be suffering with jaundice and is unable to talk.

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