Dianna Agron Is Not Into the Bad Boys

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Dianna Agron is rumored to be seeing British actor Alex Pettyfer since the two met while filming I Am Number Four, and while their onscreen romance throws her in the way of danger, Dianna says she generally steers clear of the bad boy types.

Alex Pettyfer plays an alien posing as a human who's being hunted down in I Am Number Four. (From Dreamworks)
"I’m not a baddie so I wouldn’t know how to keep up with them," Dianna told Teen Hollywood.

The Glee star makes her way to the big screen across from Pettyfer when Number Four opens in February. Pettyfer plays one of nine aliens posing as humans and Dianna plays his earthly girlfriend... which was made easy by the actor's dashing looks.

Dianna gushes: "I didn’t meet him until the day before the table read [of the script] and I thought, 'okay, no judgments, he’s British, he’s very attractive, he’s the lead in this movie. Let’s see’. You realize quickly with him, he’s very worldly.

"He’s from Europe and he’s been traveling and exploring and taking in people from different walks of life his whole life. He was very passionate about this film and what we could explore with it. I think that shows in the trailer. He looks amazing and so focused. I can’t wait to see the whole thing and see how it turned out."

Life gets hectic when you're starring in a hit TV show while working on some big film projects, but Dianna says most days she isn't complaining. She just has to work harder than most to balance her professional and personal lives.

"If family and friends are important to you, you make sure that you set aside that time and carve it out," she said. "At the same time, since I was fourteen years old, I had a job and was going to school and was dancing so I’ve liked being too busy rather than not being busy enough."

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