WATCH: Just So You Know, Diddy Was on 'Downton Abbey'

It's hard to imagine Diddy roaming the hallowed halls of the Crawley family estate in Downton Abbey, but, so it was. The hip-hop mogul was inserted into random scenes from the show as Lord Wilcott, the "first black cast member" and proud new owner of the Crawley mansion.

So, what does Diddy do as a hobnobbing character on one of the most "riveting period dramas" currently on the air? Well, he fills his tummy with "divine" cake, critiques the stodgy estate residents, and, of course, tries to convince all that sucking back on his great tasting libation is where the 20th century is headed. Surprisingly, Diddy is actually quite funny (think Get Him to the Greek but with ascots):
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