Can You Guess Which Rapper Rakes in the Most Cash?

(Getty Images)Forbes has just released its list of the five wealthiest hip-hop artists, and — SURPRISE! — it has almost nothing to do with their positions on the charts. These days, most hip-hop moguls make their money not through album sales, but lucrative endorsement deals. So which superstars made the most in 2014?

Jay Z had a winning year, with his assets estimated at $520 million thanks to cushy deals with Live Nation, Budweiser, and his own Roc Nation sports agency. But he still didn't earn more than Dr. Dre, whose Beats by Dre company earned him $200 million and bumped his assets up to an estimated $550 million.

Of course, all of this is subject to change. If those rumors about Jay Z embarking on a stadium tour with his wife are true, that's probably going to up his numbers for next year just a bit.

The year's top earner, however, was none other than Diddy Puff Daddy, whose estimated worth is approximately $700 million thanks to the success of Ciroc and Revolt TV. Birdman and 50 Cent are fourth and fifth on the list, respectively, but number one in our hearts.
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