For the Love of Fashion! Penelope Cruz Will Play Donatella Versace in 'American Crime Story'

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Leave it to Ryan Murphy to surprise us with yet another casting decision!Read Full Story

Lady Gaga to Portray Friend Donatella Versace in Third Season of 'American Crime Story'

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'American Crime Story' Season 3 will focus on Gianni Versace's tragic 1997 murder.Read Full Story

Lady Gaga Ventures Out in Public Out of Love for Versace

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( months of lying low as she recovered from hip surgery, Lady Gaga is finally making a low-key return to the spotlight — although it's still unclear when she'll release new music.Gaga, who in February was forced to cancel the remainder of her world tour due to injury, ventured out to attend the launch of Versus Versace at New York City's Lexington Armory. Gaga did not pose for photographers, but did share a snap of herself post-show via her own social networking site...Read Full Story

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery

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Bauer Griffin, Getty ImagesDonatella Versace is frequently featured in lists like "Top 10 Plastic Surgery Disasters" and the like, though the fashion mogul hasn't spoken publicly about whether she has or hasn't gone under the knife. So what's the verdict? reports that the designer has had lip injections and Botox, in addition to staying very, very tan. A plastic surgeon who has not treated Versace told the Daily Mail, "This scar tissue on her nose could be due to sunburn...Read Full Story

Report: Donatella Versace Spent $5K on Sunglasses in NYC

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Megablonde Donatella Versace knows how to shop. Although the label she oversees has experienced serious financial hardship in the past year or two, that didn't keep the designer from shilling out $5,000 for sunglasses at NYC's Artsee.An onlooker told the NY Post, "She walked around saying, 'Amore, this one, and this one, and this one,' picking up pairs of sunglasses. She must have bought eight pairs of one-off glasses costing from $500. Then, with a quick 'Ciao,' she was gone."Hopefully the...Read Full Story

Donatella Versace Stuns in Own Design at Asian Film Awards

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Getty Images. God bless Donatella Versace and her commitment to a sexed-up Barbie doll aesthetic.The famed fashion designer was in Hong Kong this week for the 4th Asian Film Awards wearing - what else? - a gown of her own design. Donatella, who has said that she doesn't really feel like the word "natural" plays a large role in her concept of beauty, more than did her design justice, serving up a whole lot of pose in the skin-tight silver and turquoise dress.Donatella may suffer the...Read Full Story

Donatella Versace Misses Models With Personality

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If there's one thing lacking in the fashion industry these days, believes Donatella Versace, it's ego.The famously blonde and tanned fashion designer says she thinks the current crop of nameless models lack the personality and egos of the supermodels who came before them. Donatella told LOVE magazine, "There is not enough ego! Now is a bad moment. They are like robots. Now we need something. We need a special personality. We need to feed the egos of these girls. Somebody like Kristen McMenamy...Read Full Story

Donatella Versace Still Gets Nervous Over Public Presentations

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Earlier this week, it was revealed that Marc Jacobs is not the least bit excited about next month's New York Fashion Week. It's understandable: countless hours go into every aspect of the designer's presentation - and then there are the parties one just has to attend. In a new interview with British designer Christopher Kane, fashion maven Donatella Versace admits that she, too, gets stressed out over presentations, but feels its ultimately worth it: I have to say that presenting a...Read Full Story

Donatella Versace Talks Sex and Clothes

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Donatella Versace is interviewed by the fabulous Mr. Lenny Kravitz in this month's issue of Interview, shedding light on her personal style (she began wearing miniskirts and patent-leather boots at age 11, and hasn't stopped), her most treasured clothing item (a black metal-mesh evening dress), and sex.Donatella says the idea of sex comes to her while she's creating her clothes: I think that's instinctive, that it comes naturally. I don't think about making sexy clothes. It's just my...Read Full Story

Famous Italian Tanorexics

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Getty ImagesPoor Valentino. The legendary fashion designer is in hot water over alleged tax evasion--a common accusation in Italy--and has been ordered to pay a $39 million fine. One good thing that could come of having to pony up that cash: without money to pay for tanning treatments, Mr. Valentino could give his poor, orange Oompa Loompa skin a rest.But Valentino just wants to fit in, see? Because all the other big name Italian designers sport skins in similar hues of mandarin. Both...Read Full Story