Cool Things You Can Do With Your PSP That You Didn't Even Know About

So, we all have these random electronic devices that we love and cart around with us everywhere we go. Cell phones, iPods, digital cameras, you name it. But, I'll put money on the fact that you probably don't know half the features on your at least one of your devices, and you especially don't know how to use them.

For PSP owners, this fact is more than true. There are so many ways a person can utilize their PSP, and they have no idea. So, to help you out, we've compiled a list of some of the features on your PSP you may, and may not know about. Check it out.

Synching Videos, Photos & Music
OK you may have known about this one, but guaranteed there are people out there that don't. There are a number of applications that can be used to do this, for Macs, you can use PSPWare or try iPSP. You can sync your music, movies, photos and even back up your game saves. Also, move a bunch of DVDs you like to watch onto your PSP, for your viewing pleasure.

Scanning for WiFi Networks
The PSP scans for wireless networks and can get a pretty decent connection from networks in the area. To utilize this feature go to Network Settings, select Infrastructure, make a new connection then go through the steps until you get to WLAN settings. Select Encryption None or WEP, this depends on the wireless you'd like to find, then press Scan. Super nifty feature, don't even bother bringing your laptop with you if you think you may want to scan the Internet.

Surf the Net
Once you find a WiFi network you can search the Internets, duh! The PSP comes wiht a built-in 802.11b WiFi capability, so you can play games with gamers nearby. Unfortunately, the PSP doesn't have a built-in email program or Web browser, so that's kind of lame, but you can still take advantage of that WiFi connection.

Read Text Files
So if you like to read, this feature is kind of cool. PSPBook is an open source software program for Mac OS X where you can convert text documents to JPEG images and then transfer them to your PSP. It's kind of cool, check it out.

Read Magazines
Check out a PSP magazine from your screen. Go to PSPOMAG for high quality publications on PSP gaming. You can also go to, to get general magazines like Maxim, FHM,, Sports Illustrated, you get the picture.

It Can Be Your New TV
Check out the Sony Connect site for PSP formatted videos, also AtomFilms has some PSP movies, Heavy has animation and live-action shorts, Fuse has some random music stuff and 29PSP Video Guide has video media and music videos.
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