The Quest To Reach Minecraft's 'Far Lands'

Can anyone ever actually reach Minecraft's 'Far Lands'?  That's a question gamer Kurt J. Mac aims to answer.  Back in March 2011 he set up a Minecraft game, picked a direction, and started walking.  His character has traveled over 400 virtual miles and still isn't anywhere close to the edge of the Minecraft universe.

Minecraft creator Markus Persson developed an 'infinite' world for Minecraft, but he's the first to admit that all 'infinite' worlds eventually break down.  The game will start to exhibit querks as a player gets further and further away from the center of the universe.  He dubbed this zone the 'Far Lands' and when asked to describe what'll happen out there he said:
It’ll just get buggier and buggier the further out you are.
If you'd like to follow Kurt Mac's journey, visit his Youtube channel, Far Lands or Bust! 

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