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Stephen King's It is a novel of many pages. It's an epic, covering decades in the lives of the central characters — the Losers Club. The group of kids who begin the novel searching for the killer entity known as "It" wind up in the same position years later as adults. Fears are confronted and relationships rekindled. 

We were introduced to the Losers Club on the big screen in 2017's It, the most popular horror movie of the year. Next year, in 2019, the sequel will be released and we'll meet the Losers as adults as they continue to face the ambiguous terror. But who should play them? Knowing the characters as kids, we've taken the liberty to cast them as adults. Here are our fantasy selections for It: Chapter Two, coming in 2019.

(It: Chapter Two will take place 27 years after the events of It so the Losers Club members will all be around age 40 in the sequel. This, along with looks, will be our chief factor in choosing our fantasy cast.)