Quick Hair Tips for the Time-Impaired

I'm lazy.  Each workday morning I usually spend about half an hour ignoring my alarm, which means that if I'm going to eat breakfast (and I need my bowl of Raisin Bran every morning to feel like a human being) then the hair isn't going to get much attention.  That's why I chopped it off and grew a mullet.

I know most women aren't willing to go the distance and hey, I understand.  Short hair certainly isn't for everyone.  For those of you with long locks, I've compiled a few quick and easy styles ideas to help you get to the office on time and in style.

1. French Twist--there are many variations on the twist, some more complicated than others. 
image from theknot.com

Back in my long-haired days I used to do the following:

a. Brush my straight back into a ponytail about 3/4 of the way up my head from my neck.
b. Twist the hair around my middle finger.
c. Pin the loose ends down and inside the twist I'd just created with a sparkly pin.

This is a truly makeshift, quick twist, but it usually does the trick.

2. The Poof.
I wore these all the time to jazz up a ponytail for a sweet, retro look.  It's generally pretty easy to achieve if you have enough hair.  Check out the following video for an excellent tutorial.  And the background music is so teddy-bear cute.
3. Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray.
Okay, I know this isn't technically a hairstyle, but hear me out.  This stuff is texture in a bottle, so if you've got a layered cut, it will give you a choppy, sexy look.  You can use it on clean or grimy hair (I've done both!), but be warned that it sometimes bogs down already greasy hair.  This stuff is especially killer on many of the short, shaggy styles that are so in right now.  It looks awesome on natural-looking, messy updos too.

image from d3stores.com
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